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Interested in Volumetric 3-Component Velocimetry (V3V)? We'll send you a free poster to display in your office or lab.

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Interested in Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) or Phase Doppler Particle Analysis (PDPA)? We can send you a free poster to display in your office or lab.

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Fluid Mechanics 2018 Workshops

Interested in learning more about TSI's V3V, LDV, PDPA or PIV systems? Learn more about our systems at TSI's annual fluid mechanics workshops this fall.

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We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming workshops!

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State-of-the-Art Fluid Mechanics Instrumentation

TSI Incorporated serves the fluid mechanics and particle diagnostics researcher with state-of-the-art transducers, controls, software, and complete measurement systems. Our instruments provide flow and particle information in a wide range of applications including: aerodynamics, spray diagnostics, hydrodynamics, multiphase flows, and many more. With a worldwide reputation for innovation and quality, TSI is adept at applying emerging technologies to meet unique measurement requirements in fluid mechanics research.

A Complete Portfolio of Fluid Mechanics Measurement Systems from TSI

Within TSI’s particle instrument product lines, our fluid mechanics systems have been specifically entrusted by researchers to take key measurements of flow velocity, turbulence, and all the associated properties at a point or over a planar region in a wide range of environments, varying from simple, to complex, to hostile. They also reliably measure particle size, velocity, number density and volume flux of spherical particles, droplets, or bubbles in similar environments and make noninvasive measurements of temperature, concentration and other scalar properties.

  • TSI’s award winning V3V™ system takes fluid mechanics engineering to the next level by providing 3-dimensional velocity measurements throughout a volumetric domain- supplying researchers with  a complete 3-component velocity matrix in a volume up to 140mm x 140mm x 100mm instantaneously!
  • Particle Image Velocimetery (PIV), stereo PIV, and TSI-patented microPIV systems enhance our fluid mechanics and particle instruments product lines as whole by adding state-of-the-art velocity and particle size measurements in a plane.
  • TSI’s Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) systems further allow researchers to investigate flow point-wise- ow with the new PowerSight Solid State Laser module.
  • TSI’s powerful Phase Doppler Particle Analysis (PDPA) technique - now with the new PowerSight Solid State Laser module- is recognized around the world as the ‘gold standard’ in droplet size measurements.  This system helps fluid mechanics researchers verify accurate droplet and spherical particle size in multiphase flows.
  • TSI’s Hotwire and hotfilm anemometers provide high frequency response velocity measurements in liquid or gas domains by introducing a small probe into a flow to obtain highly accurate velocity information while our constant current anemometers are used for high frequency response temperature measurements.

Feel free to click around to learn more about TSI's advanced line of fluid mechanics instrumentation and the many areas of research our systems are involved in, or contact our team of experts who have earned PhDs in fluid mechanics research.

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