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Raman Spektrometer für Gasphasenprozesse


    The ChemLogix GASRAMAN NOCH line of high performance industrial Raman spectrometers from TSI is a proven solution for gas phase analysis and monitoring. These versatile instruments can be used in harsh and corrosive environments. The use of optical ports and flow-through gas cells allow measurements to be made inside of combustors and reactors, in mixing and metering situations and also in emissions evaluations. 

    Raman spectroscopy has a unique set of advantages when applied to gas phase process monitoring. The stability and speed of Raman instruments and their ease of calibration makes them an ideal candidate to replace the use of gas chromatography in natural gas processing and handling. Raman spectroscopy is additionally immune to measurement artifacts originating in variable pressures or flow rates, problems which plague other analytical approaches. Measurements are made quickly, and therefore timed sequential assays can be used to observe reaction progress, to ascertain endpoints and to understand the kinetics of some processes. Composition information can be used to calculate important values such as heating value and Wobbe index.1 The power of Raman spectroscopy in natural gas analysis is emphasized by the presence of an ASTM standard method based on the use of this technology.2

    Our Raman devices have excellent signal-to-noise characteristics and superior fluorescence rejection, which enables a wide variety of laboratory and field measurements to be performed. These devices are simple and easy to use, and yet produce data of sensitivity and resolution similar to more expensive Raman instruments.

    • 532 nm excitation laser, power up to 50 mW, enabling short analysis times under many circumstances
    • TEC cooled CCD detector (-60° C),  keeping dark current signal contributions low
    • Broad spectral range on spectrometer (out to 4200 cm-1) 
    • Every system is delivered with control and acquisition software, RamanReader
    • Data files can be saved as .txt, .spc, .dat or .bmp formats, can be imported into GRAMS or spreadsheets for post-processing
    • Suitable for harsh environments, such as corrosive gases, high temperature and pressure
    • Natural gas analysis, both for composition and heating value measurement and related metrics
    • Gasification process monitoring
    • Well-head monitoring for exploration or production
    • Chemical industry: gas phase mixing and emissions analysis

    The GASRAMAN NOCH-1 gas phase process Raman analyzer instrument is driven by a diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) laser operating at 532 nm.  The spectrometer has a spectral range of 250-4200 cm-1, and the detector is cooled to minimize dark current.  The resolution of the system is about 8 cm-1.  The graphic user interface of the control and data acquisition program includes a time trend and ratio calculate in a time chart mode to enable spectral changes with time to be observed. 

    The GASRAMAN NOCH-2 portable gas phase process Raman analyzer is the fieldable version of the NOCH-1.  It is delivered in a Pelican case for protection at the job site, and can be battery operated.


    1. Kiefer, J. T Seeger, S. Steuer, S. Schorsch, M.C. Weikl and A. Leipertz, “Design and characterization of a Raman-scattering-based sensor system for temporally resolved gas analysis and its application in a gas turbine plant,” Meas. Sci. Technology, 19 085408 (2008).  
    2. ASTM D7940-14 “Standard Practice for Analysis of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) by Fiber-Coupled Raman Spectroscopy,” Book of Standards Volume:05.06.  


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