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Metals Analyzer

    Ergonomically designed, industrially-hardened, and inherently safe (no eye-hazardous lasers or X-rays), the patented ChemLite™ Laser Metals Analyzer is a revolution in handheld light metals analysis. Based on laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), it is able to identify light metal alloys accurately in just 3 seconds with point-and-shoot convenience and detection limits as low as 0.01%. For Aluminum (Al), Magnesium (Mg), and Titanium (Ti),  the ChemLite analyzer boasts the following features: 

    Superior Performance 

      superior perfomance

    The ChemLite Metals Analyzer offers unmatched quantification with low limits of detection, down to 0.01%, for better distinction of close alloys and confident identification of specific alloys. Quickly and accurately measure alloying elements, like Si, Mg, Li,in Aluminum alloys. Easily separate AA6061 vs. AA6063, AA7050 vs. AA 7075, and AA2014 vs. AA2024. Quantify Al in Ti 6-4.  With high accuracy and high precision, trust the ChemLite analyzer to provide you with the right analysis.

    • Typical errors of <10%>
    • Typical precision of <10%>



    Our patented ChemLite Laser Metals Analyzer is a Class 1M laser device that is considered safe for all uses, including analysis of small and irregular pieces and turnings, without additional safety precautions. 

    • No protective eyewear.
    • No Laser Safety Officer (LSO) 
    • No special training 
    • No annual regulatory expenses 
    • No liability 

    Note that other LIBS devices that use a 1064 nm laser are Class 3B laser products and considered inherently hazardous and require the safety precautions highlighted above.


      argon  free 

    The ChemLite analyzer maintains sensitive analysis of light metals without the need for argon purge gas.  The absence of consumable argon gas cylinders from the ChemLite analyzer design is a result of superior hardware and years of LIBS engineering invested into developing a high-performance, argon-free LIBS engine. Ultimately, without argon, ChemLite analyzers still show the most precise aluminum and light metal alloy identification with the lowest limits of detection for a LIBS analyzer.  

    • No explosive hazard
    • No consumable costs
    • No mechanical failures
    • No downtime changing Argon
    • No inventory costs storing Argon
    • No logistics issues ordering Argon



    The ChemLite analyzer boasts a 5" color touchscreen, the largest of any handheld LIBS device, making detailed data available at a glance, including top ten alloy match list and graphical comparison to alloy definitions. See all of your alloying elements of interest on one screen, in legible font  sizes, without the need to swipe or scroll.  Obtain fast metals ID and analysis for light metals and alloying elements with the quickness and ease of a point-and-shoot device and the familiarity of a smartphone.

    •  5” Display lets you see more legible information at one time



    The ChemLite Laser Metals Analyzer features a built-in cleaning mode that burns away contamination on “dirty” samples to ensure accurate measurements. 

    •  Pre-burns are part of every measurement


    spot size                

    The ChemLite analyzer has the largest spot size of any handheld LIBS device. At 200µm, compared to 50µm instruments, this means a 16-times larger sampling area.  This larger sampling area provides a more representative, precise measurement, and eliminates the need for complex rastering. The ChemLite analyzer has no moving parts, optical or otherwise, that may make other handheld LIBS instruments prone to mechanical failures.

    • No rastering needed
    • No moving parts


    Fe in Al GRAPH                

    The ChemLite analyzer now features an improved Fe-calibration in Al-base.

    • Measure Fe in Al down to 0.01%
    • Obtain high accuracy Fe readings for both Al scrap valuations and for QC of engineered Al products
    • Still no argon required

    See it for Yourself


    Contact us to request a quote or to schedule a hands-on demonstration of the ChemLite Laser Metals Analyzer with one of our representatives!

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    Titanium Analysis with the ChemLite

    titanium brochure

    Fast Ti-scrap identification and accurate quantitative analysis of revert scrap is now available with the ChemLite Metals Analyzer.

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    Laser faq

    Learn more about the benefits and cost savings of owning a ChemLite Class 1M Laser product over more hazardous Class 3B instruments

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    QualityGuard Service Plans


    Contact us about our Repair and Preventative Maintenance Service Plans.  Our plans even cover accidental drop!

    ChemLite Customization Software: Alloy Manager

    Alloy Mgr

    Our software allows users to define and upload custom alloy definitions, allowing for greater customization of their ChemLite analyzer to better meet the needs of your operation.

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