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Multi-Phase Flows

TSI's Global Imaging Systems, driven by the INSIGHT 4G™ Software Platform, feature the most advanced tools and widest range of measurement techniques for detailed analysis of multiphase fluid flow properties. Measured parameters include droplet size and velocity in sprays, object size-shape-velocity analysis (including diameter, Feret diameter, ellipticity, and area) in bubbly, particle-laden, or liquid-liquid multiphase flows, and void fraction.

  Multiphase Flows

Measurement Solutions in Sprays

Global Sizing and Velocimetry (GSV) systems from TSI use an interferometric technique to measure multiphase flows specifically associated with sprays based on the size of droplets. This measurement solution works well for both small-scale measurements of the individual droplet sizes and velocities, as well as large-scale measurements that quantify the geometric properties of the spray and the instantaneous velocity field throughout the spray.  

Both systems for measuring this type of multiphase flow rely on specific patented algorithms, a laser light source to illuminate the droplets in a planar region within the spray, and a scientific, frame-straddling CCD camera.

Measurement Solutions in Other Multiphase Flows

In other types of multiphase flows, such as liquid-liquid, bubbly, or particle-laden flows, the ability to separately analyze the flow properties of the individual fluid phases is critical. Numerous methods are implemented into TSI's INSIGHT 4G software platform to provide this phase separation and analysis.

  • The velocity field in the continuous phase can be measured using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and other related techniques.
  • The dispersed phase is removed from this analysis either through experimental methods, such as wavelength shifting using fluorescence techniques, or through computational methods, including image filtering, intensity separation, size separation, and image masking.

Separate analysis of the dispersed phase allows measurement of the object (bubble, particle, droplet, etc) velocity, as well as a range of size and shape parameters, including the mean diameter, the Feret diameter, major and minor axis diameters (ellipticity), and area.

For more information on TSI's solutions for studying multiphase flows, browse our products or contact a TSI expert today.  

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