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Other MicroPIV Configurations

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The different types of microPIV systems are configured from components to meet different requirements of flow measurements. Major components of those systems are the camera, synchronization electronics, laser, microscope system and Insight 4G software.  The microscope system provided with the system is a COMPLETE functional microscope and can be expanded to accommodate other types of measurement (e.g. temperature measurement using PLIF technique with another camera).

System for simultaneous PIV and PLIF measurements

In addition to velocity measurement, the microPIV system can also be configured to measure other scalar quantities, like temperature and/or concentration.  For the simultaneous measurements of velocity and a scalar quantity, typically two cameras and beam splitter optics are required, as shown in picture below.  The system includes a beam splitter which separates the signals of velocity and the scalar quantity to be captured by the two cameras.

Simultaneous PIV and PLIF with microPIV


System for larger Field of View and long focal distance

When the area of interest is large, e.g. in the mm range, using the microscope may not be appropriate and the employment of high magnification optics is preferred.  The optical arrangement given in the figure below provides large magnification and long working distance.  Typically, the laser illumination needs to come from the side for such system.

System for Larger Field of View and Long Focal Distance



  • Adaptable with a light splitter to allow collection of multiple signals for velocity and other scalar quantities
  • Patented techniques for image capture and analysis lead to unmatched microflow measurement capabilities
  • Fully functional inverted microscope approach is designed to provide measurements of microflow as well as other measurement requirements
  • Ensemble correlation analysis method offers extremely high spatial resolution to obtain a boundary layer velocity profile at the near wall of the channel
  • Unique optical arrangement with epifluorescence uses the same optical access for illumination and light collection
  • Upgradable from 2D flow measurement to 3D and/or PLIF information
  • Adaptable with high-resolution, high-frame-rate camera
  • Insight 4G Software offers complete system control, data collection, display, and analysis


  • Simultaneous flow and temperature or concentration measurements in MEMS, microchannels, and drug delivery
  • Measurements of flow in microchannels with the standard microPIV system arrangement

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