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The TSI Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence (PLIF) system provides non-intrusive, global measurements of scalar quantities such as temperature, concentration, pH, and species. Fluorescence measurements are routinely applied in research areas such as combustion, mixing, spray analysis, contaminant mass transfer, and plasma physics. The TSI PLIF system is engineered on a flexible platform built for expansion, and advanced analysis algorithms are incorporated into a user-friendly environment for simple, accurate quantification of the property of interest based on the measured fluorescence intensity field. The PLIF system can be seamlessly coupled with a TSI PIV system for simultaneous global velocity measurements, thus providing information on heat and mass fluxes.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides global measurements of scalar quantities such as concentration, temperature, pH, and species
  • Advanced analysis algorithms to account for camera noise, background signals, spatial variations in laser sheet intensity, temporal variations in laser pulse energy
  • User-programmable image analysis schemes for maximum experimental flexibility
  • Full range of camera support, including all TSI intensified and un-intensified cameras
  • Seamless integration with TSI PIV systems for simultaneous global velocity measurements
  • Excitation wavelength flexibility from UV into IR


  • Spray analysis
  • Mixing studies
  • Contaminant mass transfer
  • Combustion diagnostics

Included Items

  • PLIF laser (specific model depends upon species being measured)
  • CCD camera (specific model depends upon application; includes camera lens, all interface cables, camera frame grabber)
  • INSIGHT™ 4G Data Acquisition, Analysis and Display Software Package
  • Light sheet optics (and optional Laser Light Arm)
  • Optical filter(s) (specific PLIF filter depends on species being measured)
  • LaserPulse™ Synchronizer Model 610036
  • All associated manuals


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