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Plastics Recycling Process: Where the PolyMax Analyzer fits in

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From collection to manufacturing of consumer goods with recycled plastics, learn how the PolyMax analyzer can bring value to every stage of the plastic recycling process.

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PolyMax Plastics Analyzer

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Take the guesswork out of plastics identification with the PolyMax™ Plastics Analyzer, a point-and-shoot solution that provides fast, simple, operator-independent identification of plastics in seconds. The PolyMax has a range of recording and reporting options. Its rugged and lightweight portable package is useful at every stage, including point of purchase, receiving, point of process, and point of sale.

The Polymax Plastics Analyzer can identify all major families and subfamilies of plastics: Polyethylene (PE), Polystyrene, Nylon, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polycarbonate (PC) and Polypropylene. PolyMax can even distinguish plastics that are very similar, including: HDPE vs. LDPE, Nylon 6 vs. Nylon 6.6, and ABS vs. SAN. Confidently identify your plastics and polymers in one fast, convenient, handheld tool. 

Product Details

Features and Benefits

  • ID light and dark plastics
  • Easy to use
  • Operator training in seconds
  • Reliable identification in seconds
  • Report generation to track results
  • Make the correct buying decisions
  • More accurate labeling for resale
  • Avoid traditional "burn and sniff" ID methods
  • ID, buy, and sell with confidence


  • Rolls, bales, flakes, sheets, pellets
  • Carpets, nylons, olefins, polyester,
  • Scraps

Included Accessories

There are several sampling accessories to easily measure different kinds of plastic samples, including:

  • Pellet Adapter: efficiently analyze individual pellets of plastic with this easy holder that snaps onto the end of the analyzer
  • Film Adapter: quickly and easily identify plastic films and bags with a small sample piece secured into place with an adjustable knob and popped onto the end of the analyzer


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