Fog Generator 9308

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Product Details

The 9308 Fog Generator is a proven high-capacity source of seeding particles for LDV and PIV. Warmup time is under ten minutes, and the unit has an outlet flange which accomodates a hose connection. The oil used by the 9308 is non-toxic and has a unique formulation.

The 9308 has a remote control which can be stored on board. It also has a 5 m (15 ft) cable and controls for fog volume as well as on-board timers. Multiple 9308s can be daisy chained, allowing up to 4 machines to be operated from a single remote control.

Features and Benefits  
  • High capacity
  • Quick warmup time
  • Seeding oil is non-toxic
  • Remote control included
  • PIV
  • LDV
  • Stereo PIV
Included Items  
  • 9308 Fog Generator
  • 1 gallon fog oil

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