Tunable Dye Lasers

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The TSI Dye Laser System is ideally suited to vapor-phase fluorescence measurements, such as in mixing experiments and materials processing experiments, and combustion environments. The pump source is a Quantel Brilliant B Nd:YAG laser, with pulse energies of 850 mJ at 1064 nm, 400 mJ at 532 nm, and 165 mJ at 355 nm and a repetition rate of 10 Hz. The Yag laser can be used to pump the Quantel TDL90 Dye Laser at either the 532 nm or 355 nm harmonic, providing a fundamental wavelength tuning range out of the dye laser from 420 nm to 750 nm. The TDL90 Dye Laser has been upgraded to improve the linewidth from the standard 0.8 cm-1 to 0.08 cm-1 in the fundamental in order to maximize species selectivity in the fluorescence measurements. A fully integrated frequency doubling unit provides the ability to frequency double/mix the output of the dye laser to extend the wavelength tuning range into the ultraviolet, allowing tuning all the way from 217 nm to 750 nm.

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