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Probe Supports and Adapters - Dual Sensor 1155-6

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Product Details

Most TSI Thermal Anemometry probes are built with a plug-in connector. Thus, they require a probe support which serves to support the probe and provide an electrical connection to the anemometer. TSI probe supports come in a wide variety of configurations and lengths, for both single- and dual-sensor probes (standard three-sensor probes are designed with a probe support built-in), and for either gas or liquid flow applications. Right angle adapters, available for both single- and dual-sensor probes, allow probe mounting in an end flow orientation, even when the probe support is mounted in a cross flow arrangement. Totally immersible probe supports are also available for liquid flow applications.

Dual Sensor, Standard Probe Supports Model 1155

Designed for most standard TSI dual-sensor, plug-in probes for gas flow applications, Model 1155 provides support and reliable electrical connection. Coaxial construction enables maximum frequency response. Designed for temperatures to 150°C. Comes in three lengths. Options include: 

  • 1155-6:  For 152 mm (6 in.) length
  • 1155-18: For 457 mm (18 in.) length
  • 1155-36: For 915 mm (36 in.) length

Dual Sensor, Flexible Probe Support Model 1156-1

Convenient support for small spaces and adaptable to many gas flow applications. Designed for temperatures to 150°C.

Dual Sensor, Immersible, Flexible Probe Support Model 1154-15

  • 1154-15: Designed for use in small spaces and for immersion of entire probe for liquid flow applications.

90° Angle Adapters for Dual Sensor Probes Model 1157

  • 1157A: Right Angle Adaptor Dual Sensor for 1240
  • 1157:  Right Angle Adaptor Dual Sensor. Right-angle bend adds flexibility to probe system by providing access to upstream points with straight probes. Designed for temperatures to 150°C.


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