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Product Details

TSI's ThermalPro XP™ software gives the user complete control of the IFA 300 Research CTA. Windows XP®-based, it analyzes 1-, 2-, or 3-sensor probe data and provides calibration and temperature correction as well as overheat (operating resistance), signal conditioner, and operating mode control.

The software serves four key functions: control, calibration, data acquisition, and analysis. For control, it configures and monitors up to 16 anemometer channels. Bridge optimization technology eliminates the need for bridge frequency response tuning.

An A/D converter handles analog data acquisition. The software controls digitizing rates and other key operating parameters and also collects supplementary data such as pressure, temperature, and location.

Data analysis includes time history and probability distributions for up to 3 channels, mean velocity and turbulence intensity calculations, complete statistics for 1-, 2-, or 3-sensor probes and other key parameters.

With a TSI Calibrator and IFA 300, the software simplifies probe calibration. It automates calibrator set-up, records velocity from the calibrator's pressure transducer, and changes the calibrator velocity.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive data acquisition and analysis for thermal anemometry applications
  • Microsoft Windows XP-based operation
  • Provides results in fluid mechanics terms
  • Analyzes data from one-, two-, or three-sensor probes
  • Controls the TSI Automated Calibrator
  • Controls the TSI family of probe traverse systems
  • Accurate calibration of sensors including yaw and pitch calibrations 


  • Streamlines virtually any thermal anemometry application
  • Complete control over the thermal anemometry experiment
  • Integrate data from other sources with thermal anemometry data
  • Detailed measurement and analysis of three dimensional flows

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