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Multi-channel Digitizers ADCPCI

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Product Details

TSI Model ADCPCI is a 12-bit A/D card that is used to digitize the thermal Anemometer signals. The ADCPCI-4 and ADCPCI-8 Analog to Digital (A/D) Converters match the capabilities of the IFA 300 anemometer, ensuring that information acquired by the anemometer is not lost in the digitization process. They are ideally suited for the specialized requirements of thermal anemometer signals. To make use of all the information in the analog anemometer output signal, they digitize the signal at a rate that ensures that no frequency information is lost or aliased. They also digitize the signal with sufficient resolution to detect small fluctuations in velocity and they simultaneously sample several anemometer signals in order to calculate valid crosscorrelation statistics. Drivers for the card are included with the software and all digitization rate control is performed through the software.

They are also used with PIV systems to digitize analog signals (e.g., pressure, temperature signals)

Features and Benefits  

  • Integrated with the software
  • High sampling rate
  • True simultaneous sample-and-hold


  • Low turbulence measurements
  • Thermal Anemometry-multichannel measurements
  • Correlation measurements
  • PIV application-digitize analog signals along with PIV measurements

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