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SmartTune CTA Module Add-On 183150

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Product Details

The SmartTune™ CTA Module w/Signal Conditioner is the plug-in module for additional channels of anemometry, when more than one channel of anemometry is needed. Each module contains the CTA along with Signal Conditioner electronics. Order one for each channel after the first channel (included in basic IFA 300 Constant Temperature Anemometer). There is a maximum of eight channels per cabinet and sixteen channels per system.

Features and Benefits

  • High frequency response


  • Turbulence measurements
  • Low turbulence measurements
  • Measure high speed flow

  • What is a CCA circuit?
    A CCA (Constant Current Anemometer) circuit is an electronic circuit designed to supply a constant current flow to the sensor. The current level is usually quite low, so that the sensor does not become heated. However, as the temperature of the fluid surrounding the sensor changes, the sensor temperature also changes. This causes the sensor resistance to change as well. Together, with the constant current through the sensor, the voltage across the sensor will vary in proportion to the sensor resistance (temperature).
  • What is a CTA circuit?
    A CTA (Constant Temperature Anemometer) circuit is an electronic circuit designed to keep the resistance in the probe sensor constant. The resistance level is chosen to be higher than the sensor resistance at ambient conditions, and so the temperature of the sensor will be higher than ambient. By maintaining a constant (higher) resistance in the sensor, the circuit also maintains the sensor at a constant (and higher) temperature.

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