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Probe - Fiberoptic Receiver Probe 106mm RV1100

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Product Details

The TSI RV 100 Series Phase Doppler Receiver has optimized optical design for the most reliable phase Doppler measurements over the widest dynamic range. The 106 mm optical aperture allows collection of signals even from small droplets in dense sprays, at long stand-offs, and even with reduced laser power. Optimized optical design, including a non-integer detector spacing, allow phase Doppler systems based on this receiver to reject low-reliability signals from the incorrect scattering component.

With the original patented three-detector arrangement, no aperture masks are ever needed, making this receiver immune to the 'slit effect.' Comes with standard 500 mm focal length lens. Lenses are available with focal lengths from 238 mm to 1500 mm. Please refer to the TSI Fiber Optic Probes Brochure for full details.

Features and Benefits

  • Particularly suited for long focal length (long stand-off) applications
  • Extracts signals from highly dense sprays
  • Can tolerate low laser power
  • Does not require aperture masks


  • PDPA
  • PDI
  • Spray Characterization
  • Bubble sizing
  • Velocity-size correlation measurements

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