Multi-bit Digital Burst Correlators for Velocity and Size Model FSA 3500-P

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Product Details

As an entry-level unit, ease of use is a priority, and the FSA 3500-P offers true plug and play connectivity via FireWire® interface—even with laptop computers! With sampling rates to 400 MHz and 8-bit analog-to-digital conversion (ADC), the powerful FSA 3500-P thrives on high speed and low SNR flow situations. Water channel flows, gas jets, films, combustors, large test section (long focal length) wind tunnels are all now fully open to characterization by FSA 3500 based PDPA systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi-bit (8-bit) sampling
  • Frequency domain burst detection
  • Dynamic burst centering
  • Dynamic optimum sampling rate selection
  • Firmware-based processing
  • Supplies burst data for intensity validation
  • FireWire connectivity and data transfer
  • High speed and high accuracy
  • Full RMR and OPR functionality for rotating and/or repetitive events
  • Up to four analog and digital inputs can be measured with each burst


  • Validation of numerical data
  • Measurement of boundary conditions
  • Small probe volume (high density) measurements
  • Measurement of diameter distributions and analytic fits
  • Mean diameter statistics, higher order statistics
  • Pulsed sprays and jets
  • Velocity-size correlations, turbulence characterization

Included Items

  • FSA processor
  • FlowSizer™ software package
  • Cables
  • Manual


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