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PowerView Plus 2MP Camera


Product Details

TSI PowerView™ Plus 2MP Camera is a multi-bit, 2-megapixel, digital CCD camera designed exclusively for global flow measurements. It offers 1600 × 1200 pixel resolution with a pixel size of 7.4 µm × 7.4 µm, operates at 32 frames per second and provides a 12-bit output. A rectangular CCD configuration matches well with two-dimensional flow geometries, predominant in many practical flow situations. The 2 MP camera incorporates a built-in mask that protects the CCD circuitry from serious damage due to laser light reflections, making it ideally suited for imaging laser-illuminated flows.

Thanks to high signal quality and low noise, this latest-generation camera is ideal for global flow measurements using PIV. Other features, such as short frame straddling times and high quantum efficiency, make it appropriate for various flow diagnostics applications. The 2MP camera is fitted with an F-mount lens mount and comes standard with a Nikon® 28-mm lens, camera interface and all interface cables.

Features and Benefits

  • Low noise characteristics
  • Compact design
  • Short frame-straddling time
  • High quantum efficiency
  • Built-in mask to protect CCD circuitry
  • High pixel resolution for larger field of view and greater spatial resolution


  • PIV
  • Stereoscopic PIV

Included Items

  • Model 2MP Camera
  • Built-in protective mask
  • Camera lens
  • Frame grabber
  • Power supply and cables
  • All necessary interface cables

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