INSIGHT 4G V3V Acquisition Data System Software

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Product Details

The  INSIGHT™ 4G V3V Global Image Acquisition, Analysis and Display Software from TSI improves on the legacy established by our industry-known INSIGHT software package.  Faster, more robust and with added capabilities, INISGHT V3V 4G is a complete 3D3C PIV software platform operating on Windows® 7 64-bit  systems, designed to manage V3V systems. 

The software provides data acquisition of multiple cameras and laser pulses through the electronics synchronization for the volumetric PIV system. The software works with either the V3V-9000 system with the low/medium frame rate cameras, or the high-speed cameras for the time-resolved measurements.

System calibration is important, providing the mapping related to the 2D particle images captured by the cameras and the actual locations of the particles in the measurement volume. The software offers easy control of the calibration process to allow the system calibration to be performed quickly and precisely. The calibration is done by traversing a dotted target across the entire measurement volume.

Image analysis is performed with the patented searching technique to map the particle locations in the 3D space. After the locations are found, particle tracking is employed to obtain the velocity field.

 Interpolation can be performed to get the grid velocity in defined voxel space, providing the calculations of higher order fluid quantities, such as vorticity and turbulent shear stress.

The built-in MATLAB® program provides the presentation package, showing all the flow results in a 3D format. Rotation, translation and zooming features help researchers investigate the flow details and structures closely.

The INSIGHT V3V 4G software is a complete package for TSI's volumetric PIV systems.

For more information on the correct choice for your measurement needs, see the attached literature or contact your TSI representative.


Features and Benefits 

  • Windows® 7 64-bit compatible
  • On-line data collection, analysis and display during the experiment
  • Patented  technique on particle reconstruction to get the highest number of particles in the measurement volume
  • Integrated MATLAB® toolbox for advanced image processing capability to present velocity field and other fluid quantities
  • Supports multiple camera arrangements from 2 to 4 camera system setups
  • Adaptable from low-speed cameras to high-speed cameras for TR-volumetric PIV
  • Supports low-speed to high-speed lasers
  • Supports calibration for the mapping of particles in the volume

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