INSIGHT 4G V3V Acquisition Data System Software

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Product Details

The new  INSIGHT™ 4G V3V Global Image Acquisition, Analysis and Display Software from TSI improves on the legacy established by our industry-known INSIGHT software package.  Faster, more robust and with added capabilities, INISGHT 4G is a complete 3D3C PIV software platform operating on Windows® 7 64-bit  systems, designed to manage V3V systems. 

Additional features are Super Resolution Particle Velocimetry(SRPV), Global Sizing and Velocimetry, Hyperstreaming, POD analysis, Laser Induced Fluorescence  (LIF) based concentration, temperature and species measurements, Distributed processing, Macro and Micro spray diagnostics, Stereo AutoMapping, support of new imaging cameras, new optimization tools  and Sequential Macroprocessor for automation of all the steps from image capture to display of results.

For more information on the correct choice for your measurement needs, see the attached literature or contact your TSI representative.

Features and Benefits 

  • Windows® 7 64-bit compatible
  • On-line data collection, analysis and display during the experiment  
  • Automation of experiments form setup to display of results (Visual and Sequential Macro)
  • Patented  Image processing techniques
  • Integrated MATLAB® toolbox for advanced image processing capability
  • Integrated Tecplot® toolbox for advanced image display capability 

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