Molecular Analyzers

TSI | Chemlogix raman spectrometer instrument suite

The TSI | ChemLogix Raman spectrometer products are built around two types of solid state laser systems, frequency-doubled diode-pumped Nd:YAG lasers and diode lasers.  Both of these lasers can be made to be extremely stable, and are known to have useful lifetimes in excess of 10,000 hours.  Spectrometers and detectors are integrated in-house and carefully optimized.  Our systems possess unusually high dynamic range.  All the systems are fiber-coupled to eliminate alignment issues.

The best components and precise assembly yield miniaturized Raman systems that mitigate fluorescence issues well, have high signal-to-noise characteristics, and are easy to use. These characteristics result in faster and more accurate measurements that can be performed by non-technical people.

This product line includes handheld instruments ideal for pharmaceutical and homeland defense applications, a variety of bench-top and portable devices for uses requiring more sensitivity than a handheld system, and several grades of Raman microscopes.  We can also provide systems more suited to a process control environment and two specialty instruments for measurements of gases.

Full Line of High Performance, Easy-to-Use Raman Spectrometers 

TSI's Raman Spectrometers delivers laboratory grade measurements to its complete product line including handheld, portable, bench top and installed process control instruments. Enhanced spectral resolution, faster measurements, and consistent instrument performance offer better solutions for rapid material identification applications including: incoming raw material identification, counterfeit identification, polymer & plastics, gemology, mineralogy, food safety, and chemical research.


TSI's full line of high-performance, easy-to-use Raman spectrometers boast a number of additional unique features and benefits including: fast material identification with shortest sample times, repeatable measurements instrument to instrument, a transferable database across all platforms, excellent fluorescence rejection, and the ability to identify the right material the first time.


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