FMS 5: easy as 1,2,3….

FMS 5---TSI´s Facility Monitoring Software, certified by the OPC Foundation, enables secure and reliable transfer of critical facility monitoring system data to centralized enterprise reporting systems. OPC UA Client/Server functionality guarantees to decrease installation costs and provide for easy, immediate access to real-time and historic data from all sensors connected to FMS.

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TSI FMS is the top-choice for reliable data collection. It’s a well-controlled monitoring system that functions with no interruptions. If your main monitoring system fails, your Buddy Automatic Hot Standby System has you covered. No Buddy? Let the TSI particle counters collect the data. When the monitoring system comes back online, it will make a call for the data collected—with no data lost. If the database fails, a mirror database is also available to reliably collect the data. TSI FMS makes it easy to be compliant.