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Time-Resolved MicroPIV

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For investigations of mixing or flow evolution, the time-resolved system is required. This system employs a high-speed camera and a laser with a capture rate of 1000 to 5000 Hz, giving high temporal resolution to quantify the development of the flow structure. To deliver the laser light at high frequency and energy, a laser light arm is more appropriate because the light arm can sustain higher laser power.  Usually, the laser light guide is capable of laser throughput less than 1 W in power.  As with all TSI microPIV systems, a complete functional microscope is included in the equipment package.


  • Time-resolved capability to allow high temporal resolution measurements for mixing analysis in microchannels
  • Patented techniques for image capture and analysis offer unmatched microflow measurement capabilities
  • Fully functional inverted microscope approach is designed to provide measurements of microflow as well as other measurement requirements
  • Unique optical arrangement with epifluorescence uses the same optical access for illumination and light collection
  • Ensemble correlation analysis method offers extremely high spatial resolution to obtain a boundary layer velocity profile at the near wall of the channel
  • Upgradable from 2D flow measurement to 3D flow and/or PLIF information
  • Adaptable with high-speed camera (with esolutions of 1MP to 4MP) capable of frame rates from 1kHz to 10kHz
  • Insight 4G Software offers complete system control, data collection, display, and analysis


  • Provides high temporal resolution for flow measurements - offering flow analysis with respect to time - to obtain complete information in mixing and flow interaction
  • Also capable of measuring flow in microchannels with the standard microPIV arrangement
  • Flow, temperature, and concentration measurements in MEMS, microchannels, and drug delivery

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