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Ultrafine Condensation Particle Counter 3756

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This CPC is the long standing reference for counting ultrafine particles down to 2.5 nm. TSI CPCs are the most referenced Condensation Particle Counters, backed up by 40+ years of experience. The 4 th generation makes the best CPCs even better: Providing easier use for everyone with an intuitive direct-touch user-interface, new software and secure internal data storage for months of data. Improved performance, new features and diagnostics make it the best CPC in the market.

Product Details

The Ultrafine CPC model 3756 fits seamlessly into the family of four Butanol-based CPCs including the Standard , the High Concentration and the 1nm model, and is fully integrated into the SMPS™ family series 3938

*SMPS stands for Scanning Mobility Sizer, another reference system by TSI to measure nanoparticle size distributions.


  • Single particle concentration range up to 300,000 particles/cm³
  • Size range down to 2.5 nm (D50) 
  • Data rate up to 50 Hz - Capture highly dynamic processes 
  • Reliable internal memory storing weeks of data for continuous monitoring
  • Water-removal system - Compatible to high-humidity environments
  • Improved Diagnostics with Pulse Height Monitoring
  • Fast response to rapid changes in aerosol concentration (T10-90 down to <0.2 sec)


Ultrafine particle measurements in:

  • Filter testing
  • Basic aerosol research
  • Combustion
  • Health and atmospheric studies





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