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6 Facts About Copper

Copper is one of humanity's oldest and closest friends. Here are 6 things you may not know about our unbreakable relationship with the orange metal.

6 Facts About Copper1. Copper was probably the first metal that people worked with after the Stone Age. Archaeologists found evidence of copper mining in Israel as early as 7000–5000 BC. 

2. In addition to being an essential ingredient for early toolmaking, copper is an essential ingredient in our food supply. Copper deficiency can cause anemia, muscle weakness, and neurological problems. Most people can get enough copper through a diet that includes whole grains, nuts, cereals, beans and lentils, and even chocolate.

3. Too much copper is toxic; it's technically a heavy metal. Exposure to copper fumes, during welding for example, can result in "metal fume fever." Always wear the proper respirator equipment when working in areas that produce fumes, vapors, smoke, or other potential airborne hazards.

4. Verdigris is what happens when copper, brass, or bronze is exposed to air and water over time (in a process called oxidation). The Statue of Liberty is made of copper that is oxidized.

5. Copper is infinitely recyclable. Premium grade copper scrap is nearly as valuable as new copper ore.

6. LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) is a better way to analyze copper than XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence). The fastest way to identify, sort, and separate copper by hand is with a LIBS gun like TSI's ChemLite

Learn more about Copper Scrap Sorting and Analysis

Posted on Oct 31 2019 10:13
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