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Colorado State University laboratory designated to test N95 masks and more; TSI instruments are part of it

Last week, Colorado State University released a video and press release about the work one of their laboratories is doing.

Colorado State University laboratory designated to test N95 masks and more; TSI instruments are part of itThe Center for Energy Development and Health, led by Professor John Volckens, is now testing N95 respirators and other protective gear for hospital workers. It is the state’s recently designated laboratory for such testing, normally the purview of federal testing facilities.

Watch the video and read the CSU press release

CSU researchers are using TSI instruments to conduct different types of tests on N95 masks

CSU employs several TSI instruments in the CEDH lab. TSI's DustTrak DRX Aerosol Monitor can gather data filter performance & breathability of N95 masks by measuring particles inside and outside the mask. The TSI Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer at CSU can measure the particle size distribution of a test aerosol to meet size and standard deviation requirements. The CSU scientists may also use their Water-Based Condensation Particle Counter to measure particle concentrations upstream and downstream of the masks during tests. This allows calculation of a mask’s filtration efficiency based on how many particles it captures.

Although not used in the CEDH lab, CSU also owns PortaCount Respirator Fit Testing equipment, which evaluates the fit of a mask or respirator to a wearer’s face.

During this challenging time, we’re proud to be part of the great work going on at CSU and other laboratories all over the world.

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