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Incoming Material Verification

Ensuring quality, performance, reputation, and safety


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Materials verification and incoming materials inspection

Most companies only need to learn this lesson once: Trust but verify. Unfortunately, strong supplier partnerships are not enough. Incoming materials inspection is the only way to ensure you receive what you ordered. Substandard, contaminated, or counterfeit materials risk your quality, performance, reputation, and even people’s lives and safety. Balancing testing with productivity is always the biggest incoming materials inspection challenge. Materials verification processes that require slowdowns—or even shutdowns—create problems for your staff and your bottom line. Pressure to create shortcuts can lead to catastrophic decisions.

Reducing risk while staying on pace

At TSI, we listen to our customers and pay attention to their concerns. We continually set our engineers and designers to work on solutions that solve challenges of speed, safety, ease of use, and low operations impact. Our customers in metals and materials use the following products from our ChemLogix brand. There is a TSI tool for inspecting, verifying, and sorting incoming materials at all scales and volumes.

The right tools to meet your standards.

Every incoming materials inspection process is different and may require different tools. TSI offers both in-line analysis solutions and handheld products. ASSURx analyzers use Raman spectroscopy to verify materials. Customers use the handheld tool to identify materials quickly and reliably as they arrive on the dock. ASSURx helps meet  FDA standards in the pharmaceutical industry. Similarly, ChemLite metals guns identify light metals in the field. The “Green Guns” are in use in scrapyards, processing plants, and recycling centers worldwide. The ChemLine is an in-line metals analysis system. It enables incoming materials verification for high-volume processing. Whatever your process, TSI has tools you can trust.

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