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INSIGHT V3V-4G Acquisition and Data Analysis Software INSIGHTV3V-4G


Détails du produit

TSI's INSIGHT™ V3V-4G Acquisition and Data Analysis Software Version 3 improves on the legacy established by the industry-known INSIGHT software package.  Faster, more robust and with added capabilities, INSIGHT V3V-4G is a complete 3-Dimensional 3-Component (3D3C) PIV software platform operating on Windows® 7 64-bit systems. This software is designed to manage TSI's V3V and V3V-Flex Volumetric PIV systems, based on the patented Tomographic Aperture-Encoded Particle Tracking Velocimetry (TAPTV) technique.  To capture images with the V3V-Flex system using a 4-camera configuration, Module_VFlex_Cap is required.


  • Windows® 7 64-bit compatible
  • Supports 3- to 4-camera system setups
  • Supports low-speed to high-speed lasers
  • Adaptable from low-speed, high pixel resolution cameras to high-speed cameras for (4D) TR-volumetric PIV
  • Automatic calibration for the mapping of particles in a volume
  • Online data collection, analysis and display during experiments
  • Get the highest number of particles in the measurement volume with TSI's patented particle reconstruction technique
  • Powerful particle tracking algorithms for vector processing, providing maximum yield of velocity vectors
  • Grid velocity calculations for flow statistics and other derivatives
  • Enhanced algorithms including auto-calibration reconstruction, weak particle reconstruction and neighbor tracking reconstruction for improved particle reconstruction
  • Integrated MATLAB® toolbox for advanced image processing capability to present velocity field and other fluid quantities 
  • Data exportable to TecPlot 360 package for data manipulation and presentations


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