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Aluminum Scrap Identification

Identify scalpings, briquettes, coils, sheets, sows, ingots, and cladded or sandwiched sheets

Aluminum Analysis and Alloy Identification

The ChemLite™ Laser Metals Analyzer revolutionizes handheld aluminum identification and analysis for scrap, PMI, and QC applications with sensitive quantification like never before. Discover how its safe and intuitive operation empowers your entire team to make fast, reliable measurements and reach new levels of productivity and profitability.

Fast aluminum scrap identification and accurate quantification is now available with the ChemLite Metals Analyzer. Built to be scrapyard tough, but mill accurate, the ChemLite analyzer has the ruggedness demanded in the field, but the kinds of accuracy desired by the lab.

Want high reliability and maximum up-time? Then choose the ChemLite analyzer. It is the only handheld metals analyzer with no moving parts and uses a durable solid-state laser design. Its powerful but eye-safe laser delivers the ultimate accuracy resulting in better distinction of close alloys and confident identification of alloy series. Tramp elements such as Li or Be can be sensed down to 1 ppm. With high accuracy and high precision, trust the ChemLite analyzer to provide you with the right aluminum analysis.

Scrap and scalping identification

Analyze small and irregular samples right in the palm of your hand. No x-ray safety hazard, and no shock hazard. The small sampling tip facilitates precise positioning of the sample to the instrument. Use your own library of alloys to see the closest alloy match for scalped material, and its detailed chemistry. Identify baled, briquetted and scrap turnings.

The ChemLite analyzer can be used on a wide variety of aluminum mill products and scrap metal forms including, but not limited to scalpings, briquettes, coils, sheets, sows, ingots, and even cladded or sandwiched sheets

Wide range of metal alloys

Our metals analysis experts are always adding to the list of aluminum and other alloys factory-loaded in the ChemLite analyzer library. We can work with your to make sure your important alloys are represented. Here is sample of wrought and aluminum cast alloys ChemLite tools can ID:

Wrought Alloys Wrought Alloys Wrought Alloys Al Cast Alloys
AA 1000 AA 3005 AA 6066 AA 206
AA 1100 AA 3105 AA 6070 AA 242
AA 2007 AA 4002 AA 6082 AA 319
AA 2011 AA 4032 AA 6151 AA 332
AA 2014 AA 4043 AA 6253 AA 336
AA 2017 AA 4145 AA 7005 AA 339
AA 2018 AA 4343 AA 7019 AA 355
AA 2024 AA 5005 AA 7029 AA 356
AA 2090 AA 5042 AA 7031 AA 357
AA 2095 AA 5052 AA 7039 AA 358
AA 2099 AA 5056 AA 7049 AA 380
AA 2117 AA 5083 AA 7050 AA 383
AA 2195 AA 5086 AA 7055 AA 384
AA 2199 AA 5154 AA 7072 AA 390
AA 2219 AA 5182 AA 7076 AA A357
AA 2297 AA 5454 AA 7104 AA 413
AA 2324 AA 5657 AA 7149 AA 443
AA 2519 AA 6005 AA 7249 AA 514
AA 2618 AA 6006 AA 8090 AA 535
AA 3002 AA 6023   AA 713
AA 3003 AA 6061   AA 850
AA 3004 AA 6063    


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