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Titanium Scrap Sorting and Alloy Identification

Fast Ti scrap identification and accurate quantitative analysis of revert scrap is now available

Titanium Scrap Sorting and Alloy Identification

Titanium Scrap Sorting and Alloy IdentificationTitanium and its alloys have widespread applications in industry, including aerospace and medical device manufacturing. Identifying titanium is both necessary and valuable, both for quality control in primary manufacturing and later in recycling and reselling scrap.

Fast analysis for titanium and titanium alloys

Fast Ti scrap identification and accurate quantitative analysis of revert scrap is now available with the ChemLite Laser Metals Analyzer. Built to be scrapyard tough, but with lab-grade accuracy, the ChemLite handheld analyzer has the portability and ruggedness demanded on the plant floor, but the kinds of accuracy desired by the lab. This powerful but eye-safe analyzer delivers the ultimate accuracy, with superior detection limits for many alloying elements in Ti-base, including Al, V, and Mo.

Eye-safe and regulation-free

The ChemLite is a Class 1M laser device that is considered safe for all uses, including analysis of small and irregular pieces and turnings, without additional safety precautions, including no protective eyewear, no special training, no laser safety officer (LSO), and no annual fees for safety training. The ChemLite analyzer meets Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) compliance standards and is ready to use right out of the box.

The ChemLite analyzer, used heavily for aluminum analysis, is now a robust portable solution for titanium, once limited by large and now outdated Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) stations. The ChemLite analyzer allows users to make fast and reliable sorting and identification inquiries without the need for special user-training or any safety limitations. Its easy-to-use color touch screen, eye-safe laser, and argon-free design are accessible to every scrapyard and recycling employee.

Expansive titanium library for faster ID

Users can obtain rapid pass/fail screening for Ti-6-4 and can even burn through shot-blasted Ti-6-4 with surface Fe to obtain the correct identification. The ChemLite analyzer also makes it easy to distinguish between similar Titanium alloys like Ti 6-2-4-2 vs. Ti 6-2-4-6, and even quantify low V (down to 0.1%) to distinguish alloys based on trace elements. Every ChemLite analyzer comes with a factory-loaded Titanium library with the most common Ti alloys, including:

Ti-CP Ti6-4 Ti6-2-4-2 Ti6-2-4-6 Ti6Al-7Nb Ti6-22-22
Ti6-6-2 Ti3-2.5 Ti10-2-3 Ti15-3-3-3 Ti52244 Ti7-4
Ti-8Mn Ti4-2-5 Ti3-2.5 Ti5-2.5 Ti6-2-1-1 Ti8-1-1
Ti8-8-2-3 Ti13-11-3 Ti-BetaC Ti-Beta21S Ti-PT3V Ti5-5-5-3


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