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Fit Test Probe Kit for Disposable Facepieces 8025-N95

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Product Details

Use the TSI Model 8025-N95 Fit Test Probe Kit along with your PortaCount® Pro and Pro+ Respirator Fit Testers to quantitatively fit test filtering-facepiece (disposable) respirators¹. The sampling probes work on all filtering-facepiece type respirators. In addition to determining if the mask is the right size, a successful quantitative fit test verifies that the employee has learned to properly bend the noseband and don the respirator.

The kit includes 500 lightweight disposable sampling probes and easy to use installation tools. It only takes a few seconds to puncture the mask, insert a probe and then press a push nut on from the other side. The PortaCount® Pro+ fit tester sample hose fits directly onto the exposed end of the sampling probe.

¹ Use the PortaCount Pro or Pro+ Fit Tester to fit test NIOSH Series-100 and Series-99 disposable respirators. Use the PortaCount Pro+ Fit Tester for fit testing Series-95 respirators.

Features and Benefits 

  • Allows quantitative fit testing of any class, brand or size filtering facepiece respirator
  • Eliminates the need to order or stock pre-probed masks from the respirator manufac
  • Probe installation is fast and easy
  • Inexpensive sampling probes are disposable


  • Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing (QNFT)

Included Items 

  • 500 light weight disposable sampling probes
  • Easy to use installation tools

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