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The new PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester features intelligent touchscreen solutions, providing assistance across your entire respiratory protection program from training through compliance.

Choose the industry's most trusted fit tester to increase your staff's safety, while new software and features improve your program's efficiency and productivity.

RESPIRATOR TRAINING - Use a real time radial display or live graph to show your staff how a respirator’s fit changes throughout donning and adjustment. FitCheck™ mode allows you to quickly identify the right mask and provide staff with a better understanding of how a respirator fits. Real time feedback guides you and your staff to a better fit in less time.
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FIT TESTING - New video animations guide staff through the proper movements for each exercise, better identifying poorly fitting masks. Test animations free administrators from the need to continuously coach staff through the test, allowing time to multitask and further increase productivity.
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PROGRAM SUPPORT - FitPro Ultra™ automatically records test results to a database that is simple to manage and share. PortaCount Fit Testers assist with administrative tasks beyond the fit test, allowing you to get more accomplished with your limited time. Documenting your program’s compliance has never been easier.
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Designed with the user’s experience in mind, FitPro Ultra is the most powerful and intuitive fit test software available. From Windows touchscreen tablets to PC laptops, FitPro Ultra is easy to use and is similar in design to applications you use every day on your own personal devices.

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